About the Virginia Biblical Post

Virginia Biblical Post was started in 2013 to support evangelism and Christian spiritual formation.

In the spirit of the Bible Conference Movement of the late 19th century, and the resulting Bible Institute Movement and missionary explosion, we seek to put the inerrant and infallible Bible as the center of all Truth. The Bible reveals God and His Son Jesus, and provides the blueprint for a balanced, wholesome spirituality.

As a world-facing enterprise, it goes without saying that it is evangelical and missional in nature. Followers of Christ are called to be completely engaged in the world, to understand its trends and philosophies, to relate to our fellow man in a personal and sacrificial way.

At the same time, we are called to doctrinal accuracy, which is found in a plain language reading and studying of the Bible. But this is not merely a mental exercise, for we are called to be filled with the Holy Spirit, through obedience to God’s will and Word, as revealed in the Bible.

Through this brief exposition, a purpose and mission statement for the Virginia Biblical Post comes into view: to equip the Christian in Bible, theology, and current affairs, as a ministry to both the mind and the heart, so that the Christian can engage the world, speaking the truth in love. The end goal is to be used by God to draw all to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and to help the Christian grow in the walk with the Lord until the consummation of this age.


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